Saturday, December 1, 2012

24 Days ...

Christmas is coming ... 24 Days from now we will celebrate the birth of our Savior - the day when Heaven came to Earth. Our kids could not wait to wake up this morning and open the first day on our Advent calendar.

Each day brings us closer to Christmas and closer to the day we pick up Miranda from the airport!

Today my husband and I spent a full day in training on being a host family. What an amazing day ... we loved meeting other families from around the Southeast who will also be hosting children from both Latvia and the Ukraine. I am still processing everything I learned. Hearing from young ladies who were previously hosted and have now been adopted was heartwarming. And, while we are hosting one orphan - many families we met today are hosting whole families of siblings or orphans with disabilities. So many to pray for! 

This Christmas we are looking forward to sharing the love of a family with Miranda! Not sure of God's plan but, just acknowledging it is His plan and it will be revealed all in His timing.

Welcome to Advent ... Merry Christmas ... here we go!

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