Monday, December 17, 2012

8 Days ... {day 1 with Miranda}

Our first day with Miranda ... We were up early and stumbling through translations. She was asking for flakes for breakfast - I think she meant cereal so that is what we served along with yogurt and hot tea. 

The girls could not wait to do make up and nails. Then they showed Miranda a Russian ballet documentary with English subtitles. Then we were stumbling again through translations ... after going on Facebook and posting in our hosting group what Miranda kept typing and gesturing we came up with she was asking for seltzer water. So, a quick trip to the grocery store where we picked up Perrier and some other flavored non-sugar bottled seltzer waters. We also let her pick out some fruit and she asked for chocolate and chips {Cheeto's}.

Later in the day, it was an UNO game fest ... Miranda won 3 rounds. Then time for dinner brought by our dear friends, The Memory's. Miranda ate every bite but, by the time we finished we were all exhausted and we did a quick bible devotional and then it was off to bed for all of us.

So, our first day was wonderful! Miranda is such a sweet girl - very quiet. We hope to get her talking more today. She told me alot about her life over google translate this afternoon. I will share that at some point but, still processing everything myself. One thing we found out is that Miranda is not from Riga but, a small town on the eastern side of Latvia - closer to Belarus. I was utterly exhausted by the end of the day - past the point of being able to coherently speak or even text with anyone. Thankful today for all the texts and emails letting us know that y'all were thinking of us and praying! Keep those prayers coming ...

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