Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 Days ... {day 2 with Miranda}

What a fun day ... I told Miranda we were going clothes shopping for a new Christmas outfit and shoes. She was so excited. Thanks to a generous donation of a Kohl's gift card from our friends the Pearson's - Miranda was able to get  a new outfit, some needed undergarments, a new winter coat, a Hello Kitty shirt she saw and loved, and a new pair of shoes. Only a few discussions via google translate to explain appropriate and inappropriate attire for church. 

After Kohl's a quick stop at Whole Foods, thanks to another host mom who recommended this. We found some salads Miranda liked, and a few other items. She wanted tomato juice, tomato flavored crackers, and all the girls got a slice of pizza for lunch.

Back at home it was time for some gingerbread house making ... found out Miranda is really good at decorating with icing and candy! :) All the kids were impressed. I asked her if she enjoyed cooking and baking and she does! I told her a trip to our International Farmer's Market is in order ... we will head there this week or next and let her pick out some Russian/Latvian food items.

We introduced Miranda to our Wii today ... loved hearing all the laughter from the kids. It is great to have something that does not require English for Miranda to understand.

Miranda also was able to talk to a friend who is being hosted by a family in Illinois. So thankful for that host mom who was a lifeline for me in the morning - give me some food ideas to try with Miranda and just sharing our joys and frustrations over language barriers.

Then it was off to the ballet school for a ballet party with the class Lexi helps with on Tuesdays. After that, Miranda asked for me to take her to the school the kids attend on Fridays. We were in luck that it was the last day the Academy was in session so Miranda was able to see a classroom and what was going on with kids her age. She loved the basketball court and said this school was better than hers. I thought it was nice that she really wanted to see where our kids go to school.

Evening brought dinner from our wonderful friends, The Freeman's, Miranda was not sure about the BBQ but, she tried it after I asked her to and she liked it. She really liked the salad which had tomatoes and cucumbers cut up in it.

Dinner table conversation was fun as we all tried to speak Latvian and Miranda laughed at our mispronunciations - which she always corrected politely.

After dinner we had our first English lesson with Miranda. The kids all wanted to help and walked Miranda through a phonics app on the iPad. Then they had her write and repeat the words she had learned. Miranda seemed proud of herself and we were so happy for her cooperating and learning quickly some words.

At bed Miranda spent time looking through a magazine showing us things she liked and giving us the Latvian and Russian words for each item. She is a true teenage girl ... she loves fashion, nail polish, jewelry, hair styles and makeup. The one request she had was for a pair of sneakers which we are heading out today to get - she explained the winter boots she wore were way too hot plus, I think they might be a few sizes too big.

Stay tuned as our journey continues ...


Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

Oh how wonderful! It looks like you're all having a grand time. How long with she be with you?

Alicia said...

Miranda will be here until January 13th ... we are having a good time though exhausting. :)

Margie said...

What a great day! Love those shoes she picked out. And the International Food Market sounds like a great place to go! Can you believe it's only been three days since we brought our kids home from the airport?