Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring {2012}

Love Spring in Atlanta ... one of the main reasons we moved out of Florida was to experience change of season and North Georgia does not disappoint!

A few snapshots from our yard {dogwood, azaleas, and weeping cherry tree all in bloom} ...

Isn't it beautiful ... doesn't it just make you so happy!

Now, take a look at this, no need to adjust your monitor - that yellow-green tint to my front porch is real.

This is the ugly side of Atlanta in the Spring. Today our pollen count was record setting over 9,000 particles. Can I just say YUCK!

The weather today is beautiful but, just a few minutes outside and you feel as though you have been coated with a layer of dust. Hoping for a good rain in the next few days to wash away this yellow tint, covering everything.

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